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Our Academics

ATech bridges the path from high school to college and successful career paths by offering both academic classes and Career and Technical Education classes that specialize in the skilled trades, applied sciences, modern tech, and career preparation.

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Our scholars take the required Regents exams to qualify for Regents and Advanced Regents diplomas. Our New York State state certified CTE programs count towards the

+ 1 option.  

Taking Your Education To The Next Level!

We offer a wide variety of ways to expand your education. 

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AP Courses

We offer AP courses in the following areas: Human Geography, Computer Science, Language & Composition, US History and Statistics

College Now

Our Students have the opertunity to obtain college credits while still in high school through our partnership with New York City College of Technology (CUNY)

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How Do We Help Our Students Transition To College?

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We are currently partnered with NYU's advisor corp. Our dedicated counselors guide our seniors every step of the way through the college application process. Our counselors 
chaperone our students on trips throughout the country to visit various colleges and universities. 
 are also given the opportunity to take College Now courses at New York City College of Technology while still attending high school at ATech.

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What is the 4+1 Regents option?  

Students must have one Regents exam in the following areas: Math, English, Science and History. Students must pass an additional Regent or CTE assessment that is recognized by the state of New York. The CTE assessment is a supplement to fullfill the requirments for an advanced regents diploma. 

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Extra Help

Atech offers Tutoring to help our students reach success!

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What Type Of Diplomas Can Students Obtain?

  • Regents diploma

  • Advanced Regents diploma

  •  Local diploma

  •  CTE endorsed diploma

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  • YouTube
  • insta-class
  • Twitter
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