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Business and Entrepreneurship

Our Business and Entrepreneurship program offers a four-year curriculum that prepares students for success in the world of business. It covers marketing, business fundamentals, entrepreneurship, and business enterprise. Along with practical skills in public speaking, the program also focuses on college and career readiness, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future educational and professional paths. Additionally, students gain hands-on experience through community service and fundraising activities. It’s a comprehensive and engaging program that equips them with essential skills for both their college and career journeys.

Course Sequence

Principals of Marketing (9th Grade) 
Introduction to Business (10th Grade)
Principals of Entrepreneurship (11th Grade)
Principals of Management (12th Grade)


We’re proud to offer paid internship opportunities to students in our Business and Entrepreneurship program. These internships provide students with the chance to apply their classroom learning in real-world settings while earning compensation for their work. Our aim is to not only offer valuable experiences but also to support our students financially as they embark on their journey towards becoming future business leaders. These paid internships further enhance their college and career readiness, making our program a holistic and practical preparation for the world of business.


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